Holland's message to Red Wings fans: Patience will be rewarded

Red Wings GM optimistic about rebuild

Detroit Red Wings General Manager Ken Holland (WDIV)
Detroit Red Wings General Manager Ken Holland (WDIV)

DETROIT – Detroit Red Wings General Manager Ken Holland is optimistic. 

Holland, who is under contract with Detroit through next season, said he sees this team being built "brick-by-brick" and that he is confident fans who are patient will be rewarded "in the next couple of years."

"Right now we're going through a rebuild. There's energy in the building. I talk to lots of people that are in the building on a game-to-game basis, and even though we're a long way from a playoff spot you can feel the energy and support of the fans on a night-to-night basis," Holland said in a "message to the fans" released by the Red Wings this week. 

"I think they're appreciative of the effort -- our team competes on an everynight basis -- but I also think that they can see that the team is being taken over by younger people. We've got great fans -- I'm speaking about patience. We're gonna do it right, we're gonna build it piece-by-piece, brick-by-brick, and when we build the foundation and we start to get to a point when it's looking like it has the makings of a good team we'll start to get more aggressive," he said. 

Holland also sees the Red Wings being a team at the top of the salary cap. 


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