Metro Detroit mothers work together to protect children from drivers who don't stop for school buses

HAZEL PARK, Mich. – Ashley Dyer is a mother on a mission. Luckily for local school children, her message is being heard.

Dyer has been keeping a video diary of drivers in St. Clair Shores not stopping for special needs buses, even when the red lights are flashing.

ORIGINAL STORY: St. Clair Shores mother on mission to protect children from drivers who don't stop for school buses

Dyer has gotten the police chief to come out and stop the dangerous drivers, but that's not the only police response. Unmarked police cruisers have also been observing the bus stops and making sure cars stop. 

Dyer is worried a driver might strike a child near a bus stop while the bus driver is paying attention to special needs students inside.

Dyer has also reached out to other Metro Detroit mothers. Cathryne Cansler saw Dyer on Local 4, and the message hit home for her -- cars weren't stopping for her son's bus in Hazel Park.

"I couldn't believe it," Cansler said. "We just had an incident this morning. Police were here this morning."

Unfortunately, police can only do so much, Dyer said, and it's up to residents to get the word out before this problem leads to tragedy.

When a bus' yellow lights are flashing, a driver should prepare to stop. When a bus' red lights are flashing, drivers must stop. Those who don't obey the law could face about a $200 fine and three points on their license. 

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