Sterling Heights Police Department receives multiple complaints of phone scams

Scammer cloning police department phone number, asks for personal information


STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich – The Sterling Heights Police Department has been receiving complaints from residents in regard to phone scam attempts. 

In these reported cases the would be scammer clones the Sterling Heights Police Department's phone number (586)-446-2800 and claims he is "Officer Jordan Smitt" with the police department. The Sterling Heights Police Department does not have an Officer Jordan Smitt on the force.

Once the scammer gains trust by using the cloned number, he proceeds to ask for personal information such as social security number, banking information, and other personal identification information.

It is important to know that the Sterling Heights Police Department will not ask you for this personal information and we warn residents to not give this sensitive information over the phone. If you believe the Sterling Heights Police is seeking you information, please come into the police station to verify you are actually speaking with a representative from our department.