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'Bomb cyclone' hits central US

An intense and ferocious winter storm -- a "bomb cyclone" -- is expected to bring hurricane-force wind gusts, blizzard conditions and a flood threat across a swath of the US heartland Wednesday.

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Around the country:

  • Nevada: A former New Jersey Catholic priest-turned-teacher who had been accused of sexually abusing young boys decades ago was found shot to death in his Nevada home Saturday, police said. Read more.
  • California: Flyers with Nazi swastikas were posted at a California school just days after a Holocaust survivor shared her firsthand horrors with students who had posted anti-Semitic photographs during a party. Read more.
  • Oregon: An Oregon man was shot in the groin by his ex-girlfriend while breaking into her home early Monday morning, police said. Read more.
  • Florida: A former Florida cop allegedly used local and state law enforcement databases to look for women to date and have sex with, officials say. Read more.
  • Ohio: Striking a blow to abortion rights activists, the US Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit has given Ohio the green light to cut funding to groups like Planned Parenthood. Read more.

Man charged in death of 9-year-old found in duffel bag

A week after a 9-year-old girl's body was found in a duffel bag east of Los Angeles, authorities have made an arrest, but a number of key questions remain unanswered. Emiel Lamar Hunt, 39, was charged Tuesday in the death of Trinity Love Jones. The girl's body was found March 5 in light brush near an equestrian trail in Hacienda Heights.

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Over third of US Catholics question membership

As a clergy sexual abuse crisis throws the Catholic Church into deep crisis on several continents, more than a third of American Catholics say they have questioned whether to remain in the church, according to a new Gallup poll.

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How the college admissions scam allegedly worked

The college admissions scheme revealed Tuesday is the largest of its kind ever prosecuted, federal prosecutors said, and features 50 defendants across six states, millions of dollars in illegally funneled funds and a handful of the country's most selective universities.

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POLITICS headlines:

April the Giraffe is about to give birth again

April the Giraffe shows every sign she’ll soon deliver her calf, to the delight of an enthralled YouTube audience.

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