Student facing domestic terrorism charges after rapping about shooting up Michigan high school

Marysville High School administrators see video

MARYSVILLE, Mich. – A Michigan high school  student is facing domestic terrorism charges after he made a video of him rapping about shooting up the school.

According to Marysville Public Schools, administrators at Marysville High School learned about the 35-second Instagram video Tuesday afternoon.

"He did mentioned that he wanted to be on the news and that he wanted to shoot up the school," Superintendent Shawn Wightman said. "Whenever you hear something like that you, immediately draw a red flag."

School officials said the student was not at school at the time, but his parents were notified about the video and told that he can't return to the high school or any school in the district. The student was arrested, officials said.

The student did not have weapons on him when he recorded the video. The school has had issues with the boy in the past, Wightman said. 

Wightman said in a statement that the "incident will be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

Wightman also noted that the district takes steps to keep students safe by educating students and staff about safety protocols, including active shooter drills.

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