Reward offered for capture of arsonist terrorizing family on Detroit's west side

Fire officials investigating

DETROIT – A family on Detroit's west side is living in fear after someone burned three of their vehicles in the past five months.

Now there's a $5,000 reward to help catch the culprit behind the arson. Officials said there's no doubt someone has it out for the family, but investigators are still working to figure out who and why.

A gated backyard isn't enough to keep the family's cars from getting torched one after another.

"We're looking at my wife's van that they burned," William Lindsey said.

Surveillance cameras caught someone coming onto their property at night and burning their vehicles.

"We've done everything we know to do. We've put up cameras," Lindsey said.

Video shows the suspect lurking and deliberately starting fires inside the family's cars, starting last October. So far, three cars have been destroyed. THe most recent was destroyed just this week.

The family is concerned the arsonist could target their home next.

If you have any information, you can contact Crime Stoppers or the arson hotline at (313) 596-2940.

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