Michigan men cheat DNA paternity test, threaten woman when she finds out

Officials say man put severed cow tongue, dead rats on woman's doorstep

Ken May and Markhail Houston (WDIV)
Ken May and Markhail Houston (WDIV)

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. – Two men allegedly used a fake ID to cheat a DNA paternity test then threatened a woman when she found out.

Officials in Macomb County said Ken May was ordered to take a DNA test to prove whether he was the father of a woman's baby. May is accused of paying another man, Markhail Houston, $500 to take the test for him.

Houston allegedly used May's personal information to obtain a fake license from a Secretary of State Office. Houston then took the DNA test at the Macomb County Prosecutors Office.

Prosecuting Attorney Eric Smith dismissed the paternity case against May. When the baby's mother received notification and saw footage of the man who took the test, she said it was not May.

After authorities contacted May about the fraudulent test, he and other men started threatening the woman and her family, officials said. A severed cow tongue and dead rats were placed on her doorstep, officials said, and May sent life-threatening text messages to her.


The woman also allegedly received voicemails and photographs that tried to intimidate her into dropping the case.

May and Houston are charged with presenting a false certification, forging a driver's license with intent to commit a crime and tampering with evidence. One man was also charged with intimidating a witness.

“This is one of the most egregious paternity cases I have seen as prosecutor,” Smith said. “These men went to extreme lengths to commit fraud on the system and avoid responsibility of being a father.”