Metro Detroit hockey players stranded overseas after Wow Air cancels all flights

Airline declares bankruptcy

DETROIT – Metro Detroit student hockey players are stranded overseas after Wow Air ceased operations Thursday.

The Iceland Airline announced its bankruptcy and canceled all flights, causing Americans who are overseas stuck with few options to get home.

Tyler Balogh and Matthew Gilbert, from Southgate, are in Poland with the Boston-based junior hockey team they play for.

Gilbert's mother has been making calls, trying to figure out how to get the 19-year-olds home.

"Icelandair is the only one offering discounts and they're booked and there's thousands of people trying to get on so they're looking at three or four extra days that they have to stay where they are at," Marlena Gilbert said. "They're only 19 -- you don't want to leave them in another country any longer than they need be."

The teens aren't the only Michiganders affected by Wow's demise. Meghann Witmer, of Plymouth, is stranded in Iceland.

"It was extremely disconcerting because Wow did not notify us," she said.

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