Metro Detroit woman desperate to find locket containing grandfather's ashes after it's stolen

Locket is all she has left of her grandfather

ECORSE, Mich. – When thieves broke into Lyric Salinas’ Ecorse home, they grabbed what they could: money her mother had set aside for her graduation party, an Xbox, money from her purse, a knife set and a simple locket engraved with "always in my heart."

"If I have the necklace back, at this point, I don’t even care if they get away,” Salinas said.

The locket is all she has left of her grandfather, Charles. It contains his ashes.

“My grandpa, he’s the one that raised me until I was 16. That’s all I had, and this is the last thing I have of him, and it’s gone,” Salinas said.

She ordinarily wears the locket every day. When the house was hit by thieves, they stole it off her dresser.

The necklace isn’t worth much money, but its the sentimental value is everything.

Ecorse police are on the lookout. She’s scared one of the thieves will try to pawn it or throw it away.

She is desperate to get it back, no questions asked.

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