Macomb County prosecutor charges men in high speed chase

Suspects arraigned

Marcino Lattner (left), Anthony Brown (center) and Brandon Hubert (right). (WDIV)
Marcino Lattner (left), Anthony Brown (center) and Brandon Hubert (right). (WDIV)

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. – Multiple men who were involved in a highly dangerous police chase on I-94, after gunfire on M-59, have been charged by Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith.

Police and prosecutors allege that an altercation occurred in the city of Utica between Brandon Hubert and three other individuals that had been driving in a black Ford Fusion.  

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Two of those individuals, Marcino Lattner and Anthony Brown are currently in custody. The three men confronted Hubert and an altercation ensued. Then, the three men got back into the Ford Fusion and Hubert jumped in his black Durango and followed the men traveling at a high rate of speed on M-59. 

Hubert opened fire at the black Fusion striking the vehicle. What started off as an isolated altercation between four men, quickly escalated into a potentially deadly circumstance of road-rage.  

The suspects’ vehicles headed south on M-53 where the Sterling Heights police interceded them on Van Dyke near 18 Mile Road. Neither vehicle stopped for police, despite emergency lights and sirens, and traveled at speeds exceeding 100 mph. 

One of the Fusion passengers, Lattner, exited the vehicle, and was chased on foot by police. That suspect, Lattner, circled around a neighborhood and then stole one of the responding officers police vehicles.

That altercation led to a chase where police forced the vehicle to an abrupt stop. Lattner now faces charges of unlawful driving away, a 5 year felony, fleeing and eluding third degree, a five year felony, resisting and obstructing police, a 2 year felony, and malicious destruction of police property, a 4 year felony.

The Fusion eventually came to stop in a neighborhood in Detroit, where two suspects fled on foot. The driver of the Fusion, Brown was apprehended and is in custody. Brown is being charged with fleeing and eluding third degree and driving with a suspended license, a 1-year misdemeanor.

Hubert, the driver of the black Durango, is being charged with fleeing and eluding third degree, firearm discharge from a vehicle, a 10 year felony, felony firearm, a mandatory 2 year felony, felon in possession of a firearm, a 4 year felony, and driving with a suspended license, a misdemeanor.  

The backseat passenger of the Fusion has not been identified or located. 

“Our roadways in Macomb County turned into the Wild West,” said Smith.  “To put innocent citizens’ lives in jeopardy so that these suspects could even up some type of score is heinous in its purist definition. Our office has authorized the most serious charges on the books for these defendants for what they’ve done.” 

Lattner and Brown are currently in custody and were arraigned in 41-A District Court in Sterling Heights Thursday.

Hubert was arraigned this afternoon and received a $400,000 cash/surety bond. He is currently in custody.