Taylor City Council members continue battle with treasurer who claims to be on disability

Ed Bourassa accused of not doing his work

TAYLOR, Mich. – Taylor City Council members continue to battle with the elected treasurer, who claims he's on disability and working from home.

City council members want Ed Bourassa to start doing his job, and they stopped his pay in January. That led to a federal lawsuit and an internal legal fight that comes with newly released documents and insight into the dispute.

City officials said there's a lot Bourassa doesn't do, and Local 4 has received an affidavit from a city council member that says the treasurer doesn't do much of anything.

Local 4 filed a Freedom of Information Act request and received two pages of Taylor City Council member Daniel Bzura's claims against Bourassa.

"Right now, it's tax foreclosure time and that's what I am trying to save," Bourassa told Local 4 News in February. "I want to make sure people stay in their homes here."

Bzura disputes that claim, saying Bourassa missed seven police and fire pension system board meetings in which the state mandates his participation. Bzura said Bourassa missed seven general employee retirement board meetings and failed to be available to cosign wire transfers, so the city's chief financial officer is signing instead.

Bzura claims Bourassa didn't review and complete business license applications, and the city receives nearly 100 per month.

He said Bourassa failed to log into bank accounts to see balances and supervise the money going in and out.

Bourassa provided a 2018 budget but gave no presentation to the council about it, according to city council members.

The affidavit claims Bourassa failed to supervise and review daily business deposits or properly supervise or provide needed direction for his staff since January 2018.

Bourassa continues to claim the reason he doesn't go to work or meetings is because the city's human resource director told him not to go on city property because he's on disability.

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