Mueller report to be released today: Here's what to know

Nearly two years in the making and finished almost a month ago, the Mueller report goes public today.

Attorney General William Barr's briefing at least an hour and 1/2 before the report's release is not sitting well with critics.

"We don't need anymore press conferences. We don't need anymore summaries. We don't need anymore spin. We just need to see the words of the report," said Jeremy Bash, the former chie of staff at the CIA.

Thousands of words -- nearly 400 pages, according to the Washington Post -- will be lightly redacted, revealing much of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's work.

"I just wish that the Mueller team would come forward," said Rep. Maxine Water (D-Calif.)

The Justice Department says he won't be at today's news conference. The New York Times reports the White House was briefed on Mueller's conclusions as they prepared a response.

"You do not brief the White House on a criminal investigation before that information is public," said Matt Miller, former Justice Department chief spokesman.

If too much information is blacked out, Democrats stand ready to demand the full report.

"On the assumption that it's heavily redacted, we will most certainly issue the subpoenas in very short order," said Rep. Jerry Nadler, House Judiciary Committee chair.

In a court filing, the Justice Department said they'll provide nearly the full report to a limited number of lawmakers and congressional staffers.

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