Port Huron is state's hottest destination for college graduates, US Census Bureau says

City manager says Port Huron offers opportunities for graduates

PORT HURON – Port Huron is Michigan's hottest destination for college graduates, according to a study by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Port Huron is the Blue Water Bridge, a blue sky and blue water, but there's even more going on in the city. The next generation of students is discovering Port Huron is a better alternative than cities such as Chicago.

Matthew Gregor grew up in Sterling Heights and graduated in 2010 from Michigan State University.

"I ended up in Las Vegas, then San Diego three years," Gregor said.

He became a financial adviser in Port Huron in 2015. Gregor said he's there to stay.

"It's beautiful," Gregor said. "Right on the water. It's affordable to be here for a young person to get started and start a family and everything."

Anique Mansell grew up in Port Huron before leaving for nursing school.

"I moved to Biloxi because of family there," Mansell said.

Now she's working in Michigan Mutual Mortgage's accounting department.

"I actually prefer lake beaches rather than the gulf beaches," Mansell said. "They're just more cozy."

Port Huron City Manager James Freed said his city offers opportunities for young people.

"We have a lot of jobs and a lot of opportunity, and you're seeing that natural flow," Freed said. "People coming home, people coming back and having opportunity the way they've always wanted to."

Officials with the U.S. Census Bureau said Port Huron's quaint downtown, growing high-tech automotive sector and other job opportunities are leading the state in bringing back graduates.

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