4 things to watch on Local 4 News Today -- April 22, 2019


Here's what's coming up Monday, April 22, 2019 on Local 4 News Today.

  • Watch beginning at 4:30 a.m.

On the 4s - Weather & traffic

It's been rainy and cold roller coaster of weather this past week. 
But, the Local 4Casters say change is in the air...and maybe even some warmer weather for the week.
Plus, Kim DeGiulio updates the latest road conditions that might slow you down as you start a new work week.

5 and 6 a.m - Earth Day Awareness

We all know it's Earth Day...but what do you really know about it, and are you doing anything about it? 
We'll help you with little ways to take action that could have big impact in the effort to save the planet.

6:10 a.m. - Money Monday

The 2018 tax season is over. Now what? 
If you're upset after getting a smaller refund or having to pay the government, now is the time to re-evaluate your withholdings. 
Local 4 Business Editor Rod Meloni shows you what you should adjust so you're in better shape for next year.

6:40 - Spot Spying Devices with Your Smartphone

An increasing number of headlines show people discovering they are being watch or spied on and had no idea it was happening.
Now, we’ll show you some apps created to essentially detect signals from spy devices, giving you a better chance to protect your privacy.

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