Royal Oak swimsuit designer creates safer options after cancer diagnosis

Trish Crowder starts new effort to cover more skin

ROYAL OAK, Mich. – The change in seasons is bringing a new challenge for a Metro Detroit swimsuit designer who is changing how she does business after a cancer diagnosis.

Trish Crowder is starting a new effort to make sexy safer.

At Crowder's shop in Royasl Oak, Custom Swimwear by Exelnt Designs, water is also her livelihood. She custom designs swimwear to fit any body type.

Her moment of reflection came from the reflection of the water she loves. Just 34 days ago, she accompanied her husband, Scott, to a dermatologist to check a mole on his nose, and it was a double shocker.

Crowder and her husband have both gone through surgery to remove their cancers, and Crowder has had a design epiphany that led to a change in her designs to give women options for showing less skin to the sun.

Her thought is to add to sexy by adding fabric in creative ways and minimize sun exposure.

Crowder said sun comes with the water, and she still loves the water. She loves her skin more, though, and wants customers to have the option to love their skin, too.

Crowder and her husband are expected to be OK. Doctors believe they found the cancer early enough to get all of the margins. Both are expected to return to the water soon, but show less skin.

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