Help Me Hank: Rocking sleeper recall, 5-year anniversary of Flint water crisis

Help Me Hank (WDIV)
Help Me Hank (WDIV)

DETROIT – Hello everyone,

This was a big week in Flint.

I’m glad I got to spend some time there with the governor of our great state and with one of my favorite people, Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha.

Five years ago this week, leaders made the switch to Flint River water. In fact, you can check out my look back on the events over the last few years. Big thanks to our amazing editor, Ben, and incredible producer, Kelley, for their work on this reporter vlog. Click here to see it.

It was nice being in Flint and seeing so many familiar faces, but the reality is Flint is still struggling. Many pipes have been replaced and so many great things are happening to help those affected, but the majority of people still don’t trust the water and are scared for their health. I understand the concern.

After all; they were lied to for a year and reassured the water was safe when we now know it wasn’t. We have info on clickondetroit.com if you would like to support one of the organizations doing great work in the vehicle city. Don’t forget Flint everyone.

We also have another big recall, this week: another infant rocking sleeper. This new recall has me nervous. As a parent you try to keep up with all these recalls but it can be overwhelming. And all you want is to keep your children safe, but companies need to do better of addressing safety concerns at a faster rate. It shouldn’t cost our children’s lives.

It looks like Sunday will be a nice weather day, but Saturday will bring a chance of snow … allegedly.

Make it stop. This can’t be real. My winter gear is put away and I’m focused on the patio, so stay away winter.


Have a good one and see you on Local 4 soon!


Recall of the week

Kids II is recalling all models of its rocking sleepers.

They were sold nationwide at Walmart, Target and Toys R Us for $40-$80.

This product has been on store shelves since 2012.

Return the sleepers for a refund.

Click here to read more about the recall.

Click here to visit the recall page on the Kids II website.

Scam of the week

Metro Detroiters are calling us, saying Medicare scam calls are on the rise.

If someone calls you claiming to be from Medicare, asking for your Social Security or credit card number, hang up!

Medicare won’t call you asking for personal information like that.

Click here to read more about Medicare scams from the FTC.

Deal of the week

Ace Hardware is having a buy one, get one sale on a variety of items, including tools and things you might need for the springtime.

Click here to view those deals.

Stories of the week

I spent the day in Flint, talking with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Dr. Hanna-Attisha about the Flint water crisis.

Click here to view the story.

I couldn’t go back to Flint without going back to the families that I’ve spent so much time covering. It’s important to remember the children and people of Flint.

Take a look at that story.

I took my notes from the last five years on the city's water crisis, sat down and took a look back at my time covering it.

Click here to watch my inside look.

Interested in how we’ve covered the Flint water crisis?

We compiled a list of our big stories here.

Lawsuits are being filed against Breakthrough Towing for its towing practices.

I was at the press conference. Find out what this lawsuit claims by clicking here.

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