Families team with Oakland County to push for anti-distracted driving bill

OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. – There’s been an increased focus on preventing drivers from looking at phones while behind the wheel. April is ‘Distracted Driving Awareness Month’. Some states even have laws to make sure drivers are only focused on the road.

Calling and leaving a voicemail is the only way Jim Freybler can connect with his 16-year old son Jacob. His son was texting and driving, when he crashed, “My son was going down the road 60 mph, and he hit an SUV head on. He was trapped in the car. His legs were cut off. He had head trauma. Everything broke,” said Jim Freybler.

He died at the scene. Jim and his wife are partnering up with Oakland County officials to help pass Senate Bill 288, also known as the "Hands Free Phone Bill." It’s an effort to cut down on distracted driving.

“She was an innocent passenger. She wasn’t texting,” said Laurel Zimmerman.

Laurel Zimmerman knows all too well about the consequences of texting and driving. Her 16-year old daughter Ally Zimmerman was killed in a crash, while someone else was texting and driving, “She was hit by another 16-year-old, with five kids in the car," Zimmerman said.

"They were T-boned, my daughter was the only one injured. It’s very, very empty and painful to live the rest of my life without a ‘hi Mom,’" said Zimmerman.

Now the families are hoping their voices their messages will be heard, so another family won’t feel the same pain, they’re going through, “Please pass Senate Bill 288,” said Zimmerman.

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