Metro Detroit Jewish Community Relations head talks security after California synagogue shooting

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DETROIT – A deadly shooting at a synagogue in California is sending shock waves throughout southeast Michigan. 

"We are a community in mourning," said David Kurzmann, executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Metro Detroit.

He said law enforcement officials are working closely with the community following the tragedy.

"They've already reached out to us and we have already been in touch with them to make sure that we're taking the necessary precautions," Kurzmann said.

Those necessary precautions are making sure local synagogues are secure.

"We're a community that's prepared to respond," Kurzmann said. "Security, unfortunately, is not a new concept in our community."

The shooting occurred on the last day of the weeklong celebration of Passover and also six months to the day since the deadly mass shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh.

"Over that time we've been thinking a lot about that tragedy," Kurzmann said. "It's very much still on people's minds."

Kurzmann says the community is on edge but also staying strong. They're hoping the violence will end. 

"We all have to band together," Kurzmann said. "This is not a Jewish issue, this is an issue of humanity, of faith and, as far as our country, it's an issue of what it is to be American."

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