Help Me Hank: Putting eco-friendly products to the test

Tested wraps, paper towel

DETROIT – Eco-friendly products are great for the planet, but usually cost more, and do they even work? Consumer investigator Hank Winchester is putting products to the test.

Local 4's health producer, Sarah Mayberry, is a mother of three and uses a lot of plastic baggies when packing lunch for her children.

"We use a lot of baggies, a lot of baggies," she said. "We probably use 40 baggies a week, which is a lot."

She tested out ETEE wraps, which are organic, reusable and biodegradable. She said they wrap up the food well, but there were issues. Her daughter forgot to bring it home from school and there were issues with washing the wraps.

Mayberry said she liked the idea of the wraps, but washing them was a problem.

Local 4 photographer, Ana, has been using the wraps for just over a year for herself. She said it's replaced her use of Saran Wrap. While her children didn't like the smell of the wraps, she said after a few uses the smell mostly goes away.

A set of nine wraps costs $16.

Watch the video above for the full report and to see how bamboo paper towels fared in the test.


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