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Message from Jason Carr: We were talking in the newsroom about food cross-contamination, as people routinely do, and the conversation turned toward food prep and kitchen utensils. So from the folder marked "Huh, I Never Thought Of That" comes this gem: imagine a pizza joint making your veggie pie alongside someone else's meat lovers order. Keeping that visual in mind what are the odds that when those two pizzas come out of the oven they'll be cut by the same exact cutter? I'd say there's a better-than-even chance that veggie pizza has traces of meat on it. Same goes for deep fryers in a restaurant-do they have a separate vat for fried cauliflower or is it the same oil they're using for chicken wings? Ever notice your fries sometimes taste like they shared an oil bath with a piece of fried cod? Yep. Anyway, that's your food for thought today. Now back to my bowl of bacon, which is not vegetarian at all. -Jason Carr

Here's what's coming up Friday, May 3, 2019 on Local 4 News Today.

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All Morning -- 🌧️ Flooding Concerns

Most of Metro Detroit is under a flood watch through Friday morning. Recent rains of up to 3 inches or more has our ground super saturated, and there's another inch or more of rain possible later Thursday and especially Thursday night. Look for lingering showers as we head into Friday morning which should shut down before or around lunch time. 

With the concern for more flooding, we'll be monitoring the weather and traffic conditions. Kim DeGiulio will update you always on the 4s.

All Morning - 🎒 School Closings

With the wet weather and possible flooding, there's also potential for school closings. We are constantly updating the list on Local 4 and on ClickOnDetroit.

  • You can check school closings from across Metro Detroit 24-7 by clicking here

All Morning - 🇺🇸 Decision 2020

Rhonda Walker will be sitting down with Democratic presidental hopeful Cory Booker today. She plans to ask him about his plans for our country and Michigan if he were to win the nation's top office. You'll see her interview with Booker tomorrow morning.

6:10 a.m. -- 🎾 Fitness Friday: Tennis

Every Friday, Rhonda Walker has a fun and fast way to exercise. With the weather (hopefully) warming up soon, we're spending time on tennis. 
Tennis can be a ton of fun and it's also an excellent workout. You don't have to be a pro to take advantage of the benefits. We'll help you through it!


❓Today's Trivia Retake 

Every morning at 6 a.m., we ask you a trivia question on Local 4 for a chance to win a prize.

  • Thursday's question:  The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday on Local 4. Who was the last horse to win the Triple Crown?
  • Answer: Justify
  • Be sure to watch daily at 6 a.m. and click this link to enter for a chance to win.

📝 Today's Quiz 

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo! Test your knowledge on this big Mexican holiday!

📅 National Days: May 3rd 

  • National SAN Architect Day
  • National Lumpy Rug Day
  • National Garden Meditation Day
  • National Specially-Able Pets Day
  • National Two Different Colored Shoes Day
  • National Paranormal Day
  • National Chocolate Custard Day
  • National Raspberry Pop Over Day
  • National Textiles Day
  • National Montana Day
  • National Space Day - First Friday in May
  • School Lunch Hero Day 

📜 A Look Back at History: May 3rd

  • In 1937, Margaret Mitchell won the Pulitzer Prize for her novel, "Gone with the Wind."
  • In 1948, the Supreme Court, in Shelley v. Kraemer, ruled that covenants prohibiting the sale of real estate to blacks or members of other racial groups were legally unenforceable.
  • In 1952, the Kentucky Derby was televised nationally for the first time. The winner was Hill Gail, ridden by Eddie Arcaro.
  • In 1979, Conservative Party leader Margaret Thatcher was chosen to become Britain's first female prime minister as the Tories ousted the incumbent Labour government in parliamentary elections.
  • In 1986, in NASA's first post-Challenger launch, an unmanned Delta rocket lost power in its main engine shortly after liftoff, forcing safety officers to destroy it by remote control.
  • In 1999, some 70 tornadoes roared across Oklahoma and Kansas, killing 46 people and injuring hundreds.
  • In 2007, British girl Madeleine McCann vanished during a family vacation in Portugal nine days before her fourth birthday; her disappearance remains unsolved.
  • In 2009, Barack Obama defeated Hillary Rodham Clinton by seven votes out of more than 4,500 cast in the Guam Democratic presidential caucuses, meaning the candidates split the pledged delegate votes. 
  • In 2009, Big Brown won the Kentucky Derby by 4 3/4 lengths. (Filly Eight Belles finished second and then broke both front ankles; she was euthanized on the track.)
  • In 2018, President Donald Trump met at the White House with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, promising "to do whatever is necessary" to forge an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal. 
  • In 2018, FBI Director James Comey told Congress that revealing the reopening of the Hillary Clinton email probe just before Election Day came down to a painful, complicated choice between "really bad" and "catastrophic" options, but in hindsight would have acted no differently. 

🎂 Celebrity Birthdays: May 3rd 

Celebrating a birthday Friday? Submit a Sunshine Award here and we could say your name on Local 4 News Today during our 5 a.m. show.

Here's who you're sharing a birthday with

  • Actor Alex Cord ("Airwolf") is 85. 
  • Singer Frankie Valli is 84. 
  • Sports announcer Greg Gumbel is 72. 
  • Singer Mary Hopkin is 68. 
  • Singer Christopher Cross is 67. 
  • Drummer Cactus Moser (Highway 101) is 61. 
  • Keyboardist David Ball of Soft Cell is 59. 
  • Country singer Shane Minor is 50. 
  • Actress Amy Ryan ("Bridge of Spies," `'The Office") is 50. 
  • Actor Bobby Cannavale ("Boardwalk Empire," `'Nurse Jackie") is 48. 
  • Music producer-actor Damon Dash is 47. 
  • Bassist John Driskell Hopkins of Zac Brown Band is 47. 
  • Country singer Brad Martin is 45. 
  • NBC's  Willie Geist ("Today") is 43. 
  • Actress Christina Hendricks ("Mad Men") is 43. 
  • Actor Dule Hill ("Psych," `'The West Wing") is 43. 
  • Country singer Eric Church is 41. 
  • Actress Tanya Wright ("Orange Is The New Black") is 40. 
  • Dancer Cheryl Burke ("Dancing With the Stars") is 34.
  • Singer Michael Kiwanuka is 31.
  • Rapper Desiigner is 21.

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