Metro Detroit high school students celebrate college decisions

Students announce post-grad plans

HARPER WOODS, Mich. – Prep football stars aren’t the only ones turning their college decision-making process into an event.

Some of the brightest Harper Woods young minds made their intentions known.

It’s the day seniors at Chandler Park Academy have been looking forward to all year, if not their entire high school career. It’s a day of celebration, cheers and even a little stepping.

“I’m going to Lawrence Tech University on a full ride scholarship to play football,” Marquez Steele said.

A graduating senior and star quarterback, Steele is one of the many students at Chandler Park Academy who made the life-changing decision and announcement in front of friends and family that they’re going to college.

“College is just so many more opportunities, especially when you get past college, a lot of jobs require degrees,” Steele said.

His career choice seems fitting for the Motor City.

"I’m into cars, so cars is like my dream. The performance of them, as far as horsepower, speed and everything about cars, so mechanical engineering, I feel that, that fits me,“ Steele said.

He’s not alone. This year’s graduating class is 157 students. They’re all taking that next step into a new chapter.

“Whether that’s college, whether that’s military, armed forces, trade school, today is the day where they start to make a decision where that will impact the rest of their lives,” said co-principal Evelyn Shropshire.

Shropshire said this day lines up with the actual graduation.

“This is one event that we plan for months and months, so we’re so excited to finally see it come to fruition,” Shropshire said.

With their high school careers almost coming to an end, Chandler Park Academy’s CEO left them with this sound advice: “Just as successful as they have been here with us, they will be successful at the next level,“ Diane Fisher said.

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