Redford Township police seek shooter after video shows shootout at gas station

1 person charged

REDFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Redford Township police released video of a wild shootout in broad daylight at a gas station.

The video shows two men who police are calling suspects.

The second suspect was seen walking in a Marathon gas station parking lot when he fired a gun. Then the first suspect shot back.

It’s only a 10-second clip, but police say because of the video, they have one person in custody.

Yohance Taylor faced a judge Friday. Police say he is the first suspect in the video, but he’s not charged with shooting his gun; he’s charged with carrying a concealed weapon.

“He’s not supposed to have it in the car with him, but he can carry it in the holster. He can walk around with it on his waist in the holster,” Kayla Clay-Stubbs said.

Clay-Stubbs is Taylor’s girlfriend, and she was there the day of the shooting. She said Taylor was defending himself against the other shooter.

“He said something to my boyfriend first. He said, 'Do you have a problem?' He was just walking into the gas station. He pulled out his gun on him, and Yohance then pulled out his gun for self-defense,” she said.

Redford Township police are looking for the second shooter.

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