Morning Show Insider: Rhonda's Spring Allergies

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Message from Rhonda Walker:  Spring is in the air, literally,  and my allergies are out of control.  Anyone else have uncontrolled watering eyes and noses.  I got out for a round of golf this week and got in some yard work and the two together are spelling double trouble for me.  But it won't keep me from going outside.  Speaking of which, anyone else notice the deer are really hungry this spring, my sprouting lilies and hostas have been chewed off just as they were coming out of the ground, ugh! Time to get over the hump this Wednesday and if you're like me and already have one eye on the weekend.  We hope you'll come see the morning team on Saturday at race for the cure.  It's our Local 4 morning family tradition we look forward to every year.  Sharing this inspiring and special day raising awareness and funding for breast cancer research and supportive care.  There is still time to register now through the start of the race.
And don't miss my next brag book nominees, I'm adding two new outstanding students on Wednesday morning's show, could it be someone you nominated?  See you in the morning! 


Here's what's coming up Wednesday, May 8, 2019 on Local 4 News Today.

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All Morning -- ☔Weather and 👷Traffic

Brandon says we will see a few scattered showers Wednesday, especially during the morning hours. Those showers will be moving south to north through the morning and our North Zone may keep a few showers around in the early afternoon. Most of the afternoon is mostly dry for most of Metro Detroit with temps staying in the low 40s early to middle 50s in the afternoon. If we are blessed with a little bit of sun in the mid to late afternoon, we may hit the upper 50s and that's it.

We'll also be monitoring the weather and traffic conditions. Kim DeGiulio will update you always on the 4s. 

All Morning -- 👩‍👧Mother's Day Lookalike Contest

Do you hear this all the time: "You look JUST like you mom!" If your answer is "yes" then this is JUST for you. We've kicked off a new contest for mother/daughter or mother/son lookalikes. You can win some AWESOME prizes!  We'll pick the top two lookalikes Thursday and Friday.

All Morning -- 📕Brag Book

Message from Rhonda: Last summer I launched Rhonda's Brag Book, a weekly morning show segment that highlights local students excelling in academics, sports, entrepreneurship, community service and overcoming obstacles.  Wednesday morning we'll spotlight two amazing students!

6:40 a.m. -- 👨‍⚕️Wellness Wednesday: Mammogram Confusion 

Are you confused by different mammogram recommendations? Dr. McGeorge has the reason why it seems like they keep changing all the time, and the age every woman should have a mammogram that everyone agrees on.


Michigan Senate to introduce auto insurance reform bill attacking medical costs

Vote 4 The Best Pets is going on right now!

Walmart launches first online pet pharmacy

Tasty Tuesday: Grandma Luckey's Dressing and Marinade

❓Today's Trivia Retake 

Every morning at 6 a.m., we ask you a trivia question on Local 4 for a chance to win a prize.

  • Tuesday's question: Who was Hellen Keller's teacher?
  • Answer: Anne Sullivan 
  • Be sure to watch daily at 6 a.m. and click this link to enter for a chance to win.

📝Today's Quiz 

How well do you remember the James Bond movies' source material?

😊Events Around Metro Detroit

Looking for something to do around town? A concert? See a comedian? Try new food? We've got you covered.

📆National Days: May 8th 

  • National Coconut Cream Pie Day
  • National Have A Coke Day
  • National Receptionists' Day
  • National Third Shift Workers Day
  • National School Nurse Day
  • National Bike To School Day

📜A Look Back at History: May 8th

  • In 1429, the Siege of Orleans during the Hundred Years' War ended as English troops withdrew after being defeated by French forces under Joan of Arc.
  • In 1884, the 33rd president of the United States, Harry S. Truman, was born in Lamar, Missouri.
  • In 1945, President Harry S. Truman announced on radio that Nazi Germany's forces had surrendered, and that "the flags of freedom fly all over Europe."
  • In 1984, the Soviet Union announced it would boycott the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

🎈🎈Celebrity Birthdays: May 8th 

Celebrating a birthday Wednesday? Submit a Sunshine Award here and we could say your name on Local 4 News Today during our 5 a.m. show.

Here's who you're sharing a birthday with

  • Singer Toni Tennille is 79. 
  • Country singer Jack Blanchard is 77. 
  • Singer Gary Glitter is 75. 
  • Jazz pianist Keith Jarrett is 74. 
  • Actor Mark Blankfield ("Robin Hood: Men in Tights," `'The Incredible Shrinking Woman") is 71. 
  • Singer Philip Bailey (solo and with Earth, Wind and Fire) is 68. 
  • Country musician Billy Burnette is 66. 
  • Drummer Alex Van Halen of Van Halen is 66. 
  • Actor David Keith is 65. 
  • Actress Melissa Gilbert is 55. 
  • Singer Enrique Iglesias is 44. 

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