Detroit building left unsecured after authorities discover marijuana grow operation after fire

DETROIT – A building on Detroit's west side is being secured by authorities Friday after it burned overnight.

Inside the building on Birwood Street, police said they found rows of marijuana plants. Police are trying to figure out what happened at the building.

Local 4 was invited to look inside the building. Detroit fire crews were called overnight to put out the fire. That's when the building's illegal grow operation was discovered with all the evidence left behind.

Fire crews said the fire started in the front of the building, potentially from an illegal power hookup. Inside the building were fire hazards like chemicals and fertilizers. 

The building was left wide open Friday with the rows of marijuana plants still inside. Detroit police responded,  made a report overnight and then left.

Police only started securing the building after Local 4 reached out the Detroit Police Department and asked why the building was left open with the plants inside.

The investigation is ongoing.


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