5-year-old boy brings 22 bags of crack cocaine to Philadelphia day care, police say

Teacher's desk (Pixlr)
Teacher's desk (Pixlr)

PHILADELPHIA – Police in Philadelphia are investigating after they say a 5-year-old boy brought 22 bags of crack cocaine to a daycare center Tuesday morning.

The drugs were discovered by a teacher's aide about 9:20 a.m. at St. Cyprian Children's Center, reports NBC Philadelphia.

The aide noticed a bulge in the boy's pocket and discovered a plastic bag containing 22 smaller bags of crack cocaine, according to police. The bag was conficated and daycare administrators called law enforcement.

Authorities spoke to the boy, who said his father told him to put the bag in his pocket and not take it out. The drugs were not given to any other children at the daycare, police said.

No arrests were made as of Thursday morning. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia said the children’s center is cooperating with police during the investigation.

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