Metro Detroit warm front underway after morning rain showers

Clouds, rain clear out by Saturday afternoon

We're starting our Saturday with rain and even a few rumbles of thunder.
We're starting our Saturday with rain and even a few rumbles of thunder.

DETROIT – It’s the weekend!  Yes, we made it.  We’re starting our Saturday with rain and even a few rumbles of thunder…it should end over downtown Farmington just in the nick of time, where I’ll be emceeing the 2019 opening of the Farmington Farmers Market (twice voted best in the area!) at 9 a.m.  It’s not great for a meteorologist’s ego to emcee an outdoor event in the rain.
We’re starting the day with temperatures generally in the upper 40s to low 50s degrees (9 to 11 degrees Celsius).  Fortunately, the wind is light.
Today’s forecast is pretty straightforward: a warm front (the front edge of a much warmer air mass) will cross the area today, taking the rain and clouds with it.  First, the rain should move north of our area by midday, followed by increasing sunshine this afternoon.  Those of you in our South Zone (except near Lake Erie) that get the sun earliest could approach 80 degrees (27 degrees Celsius).  High temps gradually drop the farther north you go, with upper 60s (19 to 20 degrees Celsius) in the Thumb…but cooler near Lake Huron.  The heart of our metropolitan area will likely top out in the low to mid 70s (22 to 23 degrees Celsius).
The bottom line is that it’ll be an absolutely gorgeous late afternoon and evening at Comerica Park if, like me, you’re heading to the Tigers game (remember that it’s a 4 p.m. game).  Likewise, it’ll be a beautiful evening if you’re taking in Patton Oswalt’s show at the Fillmore in Detroit at 7 p.m…come downtown early and grab dinner, or just enjoy the nice weather and walk around.
And by the way, if you happen to notice the full moon rising mid-evening in the east, you may be interested to know that it’s a Blue Moon!  

But not the type that you think it is.  First and foremost, a Blue Moon is not blue.  It’s just called that. Most commonly, we call the second full moon that occurs in the same calendar month a Blue Moon.

However, there’s another type.  You see, a season is three months long and, in most seasons, we have three full moons.  

Occasionally, though, we have four full moons in a season.  Folklore says that we call the third of four full moons in a season a Blue Moon.  

So, since tonight’s full moon is the third full moon between the start of spring and the start of summer, it’s a Blue Moon!  Now you know…

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