Numerous traps found at popular Troy park after dog gets caught in leg trap

Neighbor hired service to place traps

TROY, Mich. – Numerous traps were discovered at Beach Road Park in Troy after a dog got stuck in a leg trap during a walk Thursday.

The park is a popular stop for parents, children and pets. It is surrounded by homes. Jamie Sherman was taking his dogs for a walk in the park when his shepherd mix, off lead, went to investigate some noises. The next thing Sherman heard was his dog shrieking in pain.

“I started hearing this screaming that I’ve never heard in my whole life,” Sherman said.

He ran to find his dog, Spirit, a few feet away with his leg smashed in a trap.

“Every bit of strength I had, and the adrenaline rush, I pried the trap off his leg,” he said.

His wife, Shannon, heard the dog's cries and then her husband's yelling.

“I heard Jamie screaming get it off him,” Shannon Sherman said.

Once Spirit was freed from the trap Jamie Sherman looked around and saw multiple traps laid well beyond the fence line of homes and within the perimeter of the park. Some had live bait, such as ducklings, in them.

The couple called 911 and their veterinarian.

The DNR, Troy Police and Oakland County Animal Control are investigating.

A neighbor whose home is near the park noticed foxes in the area and viewed them as a threat. That person paid a service to lay multiple traps.

Local 4 spoke to that neighbor off camera and he said he did nothing wrong and had every right to lay the traps.

The traps have now been removed.

The investigation is ongoing.

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