ClickOnDetroit Morning Report -- May 20, 2019

DETROIT – Here is the ClickOnDetroit Morning Report for May 20, 2019.

Trump warns Iran

President Donald Trump warned Iran early on Monday not to threaten the United States again or it’ll face its “official end,” shortly after a rocket landed near the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad overnight.

Trump’s tweet comes after he seemingly sought to soften his tone on Iran following days of heightened tension sparked by his administration’s sudden deployment of bombers and an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf over still-unspecified threats.

🍔 Burger Bracket 2019: Round 3 voting now open

And then there were eight: The third round of the Local 4 Burger Bracket is live and voting will be open until Wednesday. Vote here.

📺 Game of Thrones is over - and the winner is...

Winter has come and winter has gone, the last of the heads have been lopped off and the last of the dragon fire has been spit as “Game of Thrones” aired its 73rd and final episode Sunday night.

While the results of the game were a split decision as they were in most other episodes in the show’s eight seasons — the finale brought some clear winners, at least one clear loser, and a major upset. 


Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, a Trump critic, to face primary challenge

Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, the first Republican on Capitol Hill to accuse President Donald Trump of impeachable conduct, is facing a primary challenge.

Weather: Drying out and warming up again this week 🌞

A wild ride Sunday with several severe storm reports across Michigan, including a tornado in Western Lower Michigan late Sunday.

More: Severe thunderstorms spawn weak tornado in West Michigan

No rain in the forecast until Wednesday, so get outside this afternoon and enjoy a taste of early Spring.

Holiday weekend lookahead: Summer-like weather on the way in Metro Detroit

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