Organization surprises Macomb County widow of veteran with yard makeover

NEW BALTIMORE, Mich. – A local widow is getting some much-needed help around the house after her husband, a veteran, died some years ago. 

It’s a scoop of dirt here and some plants over there. It marks a new season and look for Madeline Watts’ home.

“I always struggled with my yard," Watts said. "So this is very huge for me that somebody wants to come and help me with my yard."

Marine veteran Scott Gatto, with Reunite the Fight, said it's help they didn’t hesitate to give.

“We’re just picking up the weeds, taking out the trash and then we’re planting some new plants and trees," Gatto said. "There really wasn’t anything here besides some trash and rubbish, so we felt the need to get all of that out of here."

It’s a bond that is deeper than a hole in the ground. Reunite the Fight is a group designed for veterans by veterans. They find ways to serve their communities and country.

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For Reunite the Fight, this assignment is special.

“Her husband committed suicide about four years ago, and he was a United States Marine. He suffered from PTSD. Doesn’t really have a whole lot of time for herself or to do any other work around the house,” said Gatto. 

On Sunday, they surprised Watts at her home with a complete yard makeover.

“I didn’t know they were coming. I woke up this morning and saw, like, 12 trucks outside of my house. A family that I babysit for was standing in the front yard, and I just started crying. My husband has been gone for five years, and doing it on my own is very difficult,” said Watts. 

Reunite the Fight has been around for two years now, and they do service projects roughly two to three times a year. 

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