Scammers targeting victims by posing as Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office employees

Do not give personal information to scammers


WASHTENAW COUNTY, Mich. – Officials said they have received reports of phone and email scams in which the scammers are pretending to be employees with the Washtenaw County Sherrif's Office.

The suspects claim to be with the sheriff's office and even use current employee's names or a similiar email address. The scammer asks the intended victim to send money, purchase gift cards or give financial support to the scammer.

The scammer threatens the intended victim and reportedly tells them they will go to jail or be arrested if they don't comply.

The Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office does not and will never demand money, gift cards or financial compensation to be given to any individual employee, according to a press release.

Officials want to remind people to verify all phone and email communications that appear to be from the sheriff's office through Metro Dispatch at the following number: 734-994-2911.

Do not provide personal or financial information to scammers.

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