Detroiter devises compromise to get ATVs off city streets safely

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DETROIT – With one man killed on an all-terrain vehicle and another rider injured, one man in Detroit has a plan to get ATVs off city streets and get them back off-road.

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“We have a lot of land in the city of Detroit," said Oliver Gantt. "These guys need somewhere where they can assemble with these ATVs.”

Gantt plans on going to Detroit City Council members and city leaders to establish legal, off-road riding on some vacant lands in the city. He said riders zooming around the streets isn't safe for other drivers, police or the ATV riders.

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“What happened with the young man the other night, crashing into a building, that was tragic,” Gantt said.

Gantt has been working on his idea since 15-year-old Damon Grimes was killed on an ATV when a Michigan State Police trooper used a Taser on him, causing him to crash.

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Gantt said he can't establish an ATV-safe area on his own and is looking for help from the community. 

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said police will not tolerate ATV riders on the streets during the Memorial Day weekend. On Tuesday, police seized several ATVs and small motorcycles on the city's east side.

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