Help Me Hank: Target recall, vacation scams and weekend sales

Help Me Hank (WDIV)
Help Me Hank (WDIV)

DETROIT – Hi everyone!

Let’s have a real conversation about this weather. I’m over it. The rain is helping my yard. Thank you for all the great suggestions to help with my weed issue, by the way. I’ve read all the emails and messages. You guys know how to come through. But does it seem like the worst spring weather ever?

I hope things dry out this weekend for the Grand Prix and also for my state of mind.

Have you guys noticed a ton of “for sale” signs in your neighborhoods? What’s interesting in my area is as soon as the home is listed, it has multiple offers. The market is still great right now for sellers, which is why we met with up with realtor Mark Shaftner, of KW Domain in Birmingham. He gave us insider tips to help you get even more money for your home if you list it.

The most important thing you can do is declutter. My hubs is a bit of a pack rat, so when we listed a few years ago, I rented a storage unit for the month and threw all his junk/priceless belongings in there until the house sold. It worked. Mark has other great tips you can see in the story.

We’re staying on top of consumer news and will bring you the latest recall, scam and deal this weekend on Local 4 News Morning editions. I love a good deal. Have you found any lately? One of my favorite stops is Home Goods. The store has a bit of everything, all at great prices. I picked up a painting that is a dead ringer for my dog. It cost $19.99. I loved it but it got mixed reviews at home. Oh well. It stays.

Hank picked up a painting for his dog!
Hank picked up a painting for his dog!

Have a great weekend!


Recall of the week

We’ve seen these recalls before and every time one pops up. I instantly check the brand of my own phone charger.

Target is recalling $15 Heyday chargers.

The cord’s metal can become electrically charged if it touches the USB plug prongs.

There already have been 14 reports of the charger sparking and smoking, and two reports of finger burns.

Yeah, you could literally suffer burns from charging your phone.

This overheating seems to be a problem with quite a few brands of chargers. You would think these companies would find a better way to protect us from this.

If you have a Heyday charger, return it to Target for a refund.

Scam of the week

Vacations are supposed to be fun and relaxing, but if you get scammed, not so much.

The Federal Trade Commission is sending out tips for a scam-free vacation.

Get recommendations from family and friends and try to go through a recommended travel agent. Travel agents tend to visit the places they schedule for you, so they know how good or bad a place is.

Look up companies and hotels along with the word “scam” or “review."

Don’t sign anything until you know all the terms and conditions of the deal.

Use a credit card; this will give you more protection if you have to dispute any unauthorized charges.

Deal of the week

Kohl’s is having a weekend sale on everything from home goods to clothes to outdoor furniture.

I know you’re probably gearing up for when the warm weather finally hits, so check this out: $10 beach towels, which is a steal; half off patio chairs totaling $60; and half off lounge chairs costing $100.

All of those are good for relaxing outside in the backyard -- when the sun finally decides to come out!

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