Dearborn woman pleads guilty to domestic violence after putting Visine in boyfriend's juice

Poisoning charge dismissed

Arrieana Yednock (Mug shot)
Arrieana Yednock (Mug shot)

DEARBORN, Mich. – A woman who police said admitted to putting a substance in her boyfriend's juice to make him sick pleaded guilty to aggravated domestic violence Monday and a poisoning charge was dismissed.

Arrieana Yednock, 21, from Dearborn, put what appeared to be Visine in her boyfriend's orange juice to make him sick, according to Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad.

Police said her boyfriend sipped the orange juice with the Visine in it and also gave some of the drink to their children, since he was unaware of the Visine in it.

Police said the children began to complain of upset stomachs and Yednock admitted to having spiked the drink.

The incident happened on Feb. 17.

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