Drivers growing concerned over tall grass obstructing traffic on I-75 and Warren Avenue in Detroit

MDOT says grass on to do list

DETROIT – Drivers have concerns over tall weeds and grass growing along a stretch of highway in Detroit.

Many drivers believe they should not have to deal with the visual obstruction along I-75 and Warren Avenue. Some worry that if the issue isn't taken care of soon that it could lead to a traffic crash.

"I don't remember ever seeing it this bad," Shakita Word said. "I don't think I've seen them cut this season."

Word said she can't understand why the grass is growing out of control along the freeway.

"It's kind of hard to see if any cars are coming off the freeway," Word said.

The unkempt meadow is near where those on Service Drive merge with drivers getting off I-75. Drivers said they can't see what's coming until they're side-by-side.

"Normally I see a lot of people slow up to look to see if a car is coming and you really can't see with that grass," Camerron Wright said.

The Michigan Department of Transportation said they're behind on mowing everywhere due to the heavy rain in May but that that particular stretch of road is on the to-do list.

There have been no reports of traffic crashes related to the tall grass.

"You should be able to see the freeway clearly," Wright said.

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