Hank's lawn is making progress; Dressbarn is closing and we're sad

Hello Everyone,

Good news! My grass no longer looks awful. Thanks for all your tips and suggestions!  

Now, my neighbor’s lawn still looks much better but he’s more dedicated. I met a great lawn expert at my local English Gardens and he was really helpful too. Hey, when you don’t know what to do find someone who can help you solve your problem.

 Yes, even Hank needs help occasionally. ;) 


Also, thanks for the Zoo pass tips. My daughter visited the zoo for the first time ever this week and loooooved it.  

I can remember going to the Zoo with my parents when I was young so this means the world to me.

The zoo pass is a great value and we will defiantly take advantage of it all summer long.


We have a big rescue airing Friday. This confrontation was a bit wild. Here’s why: the victim was there as we went after the man who created big problems.  Typically, this isn’t how it plays out but it did in this case and as you will see emotions were running high.  

The goal though is always to protect and fight for the consumer who has been wronged and that’s what we were able to do.

Maybe I’ll see you at the Detroit Zoo soon!

Be well,

Recall of the Week 

Apple is recalling 3-prong wall adapters because they can break and expose the metal portion. 
There’s already been 6 reports of people getting shocked…some people even needed to be treated medically for it. (Crazy, right?) 

The adapters were sold at Apple stores and online from January 2003-January 2015 for $30. 
They were sold inside Apple’s World Travel Adapter Kit…so if you’ve been traveling in the last 15 or so years…you better check if you own one! Contact Apple for a replacement. 

Scam of the Week 

We went up to Macomb County this week after a viewer posted on Facebook about her experience as a server. 

A man came into her restaurant asking for cash change on a credit card transaction tip. He made out with a few hundred dollars after the card was declined. 
She posted it to Facebook, which led to a lot of people commenting that he’s been doing this at other restaurants and bars throughout the area. 

We couldn’t believe how this guy is getting around, the power of social media is insane! 

We contacted Sterling Heights Police, which is now investigating the matter. 
Police are encouraging other restaurant owners and managers to reach out if they’ve had this happen to them.

Unfortunately, this kind of scam hits small businesses and their employees pretty hard.

Deal of the Week 

Father’s Day is coming: if you haven’t gotten a gift for dad, you’ve still got time. 

  • Lowe’s is having a sale: up to 40 percent off select tools and accessories. 
  • If your dad isn’t a tool guy, Target has deals on clothing and accessories for men. Polo shirts starting at $5. 

Stories of the Week 

Dressbarn is closing nationwide. Many people are upset…including my producer, Kelley. She actually wrote a blog about the closing, explaining why it’s such a big deal. She hits the nail on the head and I think many people can relate it. It’s not just about the store, but about the experience and the employees. What store closing upset you? Hudson’s, Toys R Us, Payless Shoes? For me it was Jacobson’s.  

A viewer reached out to us after his water was shutoff, but his bills were all up to date. It turns out, his neighbor’s weren’t. The same thing happened a year ago! Find out how Detroit’s Water Department is helping us, help him. 


The sun is starting to come out…which means thieves are out and about too! 

Make sure you’re keeping your home safe, with these tips.

A big data breach means people’s financial and medical information are at risk of being out there. Yes, people here in Michigan are affected. The Michigan Attorney General is investigating. It astounds me that these companies still aren’t protecting our information the way they should be.

How is it that someone can hack into a computer system and steal important information for 12 million people?

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