Locals march in Detroit demanding end to gun violence

Participants personally touched by issue

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DETROIT – Across the country, thousands of people are participating in events demanding an end to gun violence. 

It is part of wear orange weekend. People came out in droves to support the mission Saturday morning. Those who participated in the event marched in the middle of Downtown Detroit wearing orange.  

"It's the color that you wear when you want to be seen and we want to be seen and heard," said  Carolyn Kolleth of Moms Demand Action Oakland/Macomb. 

Kolleth helped organize the event calling for an end to gun violence in Detroit and across the country. 

"We're very quickly becoming a nation of gun violence survivors and that's what we're here to speak out against," said Kolleth. 

Kolleth is a part of Moms Demand Action Oakland/Macomb and the organization's message is personal for her.

"I am a survivor of gun violence, when I was a little girl, my parents were in the process of getting a divorce and my father pointed a shotgun at us and said if you're still here when I get back you know what's going to happen," Kolleth said. 

Every person participating in the event has been touched by gun violence in some way, and is honoring their loved ones by putting their photos on T-shirts and signs for the event. 

"We're here to create a safe space for people that are hurting," she said.

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