Community members touched by story of Roseville disabled man's stolen bike offer help

Man's story helps local veteran

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DETROIT – A GoFundMe account set up for George McCloskey has more than enough for him to get bike locks, chains and a GPS tracker.

He will get his bike from cosmetic dentists and brothers Ali and Mohamed Saad who both watched Local 4's story on the incident. 

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There is no sign of the bike that was stolen or the person who took it.

“From the bottom of our hearts you are going to get that bike and we are going to make sure you keep it this time,” said Ali Saad. 

McCloskey is very grateful to the Saad brothers. 

A new $900 bike is on the way for McCloskey, a Roseville handyman. 

After saving for one year, McCloskey finally picked up his new bike this past Thursday, and came inside a gas station right next door on Gratiot. Within seconds a man rolled up and took off with it.

It was his only mode of transportation. The incident was a heartless act that broke hearts, not just in Metro Detroit, but all over the midwest.

The Saad brothers are buying another bike just like the one that was stolen from McCloskey.

“What touched us the most is the fact that he was using it as a way of life. It is a tool to make his living,” Ali Saad said. 

Mohamed Saad also felt touched by the story. 

“When you save up for something and it goes away it breaks your heart,” Mohamed Saad said. 

McCloskey is overwhelmed by all the support.  

“I am in shock. My heart is beating. I feel a lot of emotion right now,” McCloskey said. 

Local 4 viewers reached out wanting to help him. 

Someone paid off the balance he owned on the bike that was stolen.

Then there’s Jennifer Curl who coordinated 50 offers coming in from people who reached out to help. During the process someone purchased a bike for a local veteran in need.  

McCloskey's story is now helping others.

“It’s one bad thing, but it turned out beautiful,” Curl said.  

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