William Strampel trial: Jury deliberations to continue

LANSING, Mich. – A Former Michigan State dean is facing multiple charges and a jury is expected to continue deliberations Wednesday.

William Strampel is accused of speaking lewdly to students and sexual assault. He was Larry Nassar's former boss and is accused of allowing Nassar to return to work without proper supervision.

Nassar pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting young athletes, including some girls younger than 13. He admitted he sexually assaulted the girls for his own pleasure without any medical grounds. 

The trial lasted a week and a half. It's unclear how long it will take a jury to determine if Strampel is guilty or not.

Strampel has been charged with misconduct in office, willful neglect of duty and criminal sexual conduct.

In closing arguments, prosecutors claimed Strampel used his position at the university to have control over female students. Prosecution also claims that Strampel would make lewd comments to female students.

Strampel's defense attorney said the comments should be considered locker room talk. His defense attorney also said Strampel, at the time, believed what Nassar was doing was medically necessary.

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