Survey: 4 in 10 Americans have a side hustle

In a survey conducted by Banker.com, many Americans have a second job

In a recent survey conducted by personal finance website Banker.com, 37% of Americans have a side job.

Many of these side hustlers make an average of $686 per month and within a year they may earn more than $8,200. Even if you only have a side job once per month, you can earn an average of $836 working.


Many of those surveyed said they used their money they earned for living expenses and/or on whatever they want. If the goal isn't extra money, many people do it to explore an area of interest and to learn a new skill.

Even here in Metro Detroit, many teachers have jobs outside of the regular classroom, according to the Detroit Hour. Many have to take on the job due to the fact that they cannot afford to live on their income from teaching. To learn more about this click here. 

The study also found that the younger the worker, the higher the odds that they have a second job. 

If you're interested in having a second job, here are the top side hustles according to bankrate.com: 

  • Home Repair/Landscaping
  • Online Sales
  • Crafts
  • Child Care
  • To learn more about the study click here.