Summer weather outlook ⛱️, anti-foreclosure push 🏘️, Corktown info center ℹ️


"Detroit summertime." -- @mikeyference


Weather: High 80°, Low 63°

Hey guess what: there's rain in today's forecast. Surprise! 🌧️ 😒 Try not to act surprised.

The good news is the temperatures are rising -- we're looking at 80 degrees this afternoon -- so we're not talking about a cold rain here. This is more like a summer rain, which makes more sense in JUNE (!).

Stay on top of the radar here for your afternoon and evening outdoor activities, or just get the Local 4Casters app if you have not already (iOS or Android).

Check the latest updated forecast at ClickOnDetroit.com/WeatherCenter.

Traffic: Double lane closure on I-94 🚧

Watch out for a double lane closure this morning -- and the rest of this week -- on westbound and eastbound I-94 between 2nd Avenue and Wyoming Avenue. The left two lanes are expected to be closed for construction.

That could slow down some commutes, so be aware of this before you embark.

Always check the live Traffic Map here.



Summer weather outlook ⛱️

The Local 4Casters have the extended look at what kind of weather we can expect this summer, plus an explanation about the weather we've been experiencing this month. Read up here. Summer officially starts Friday (June 21).

Reminder: Today is a Weather Radio event day for the Local 4Casters -- the final one of the season.

A message from Ben Bailey:

"We’ll be at the Meijer in Westland. So if you’ve been thinking about getting a NOAA Weather Radio for your home, your cottage, your boat or for a family member, c’mon out and see us."

Anti-foreclosure push in Detroit 🏘️

There is a rallying cry for Mayor Mike Duggan and the Wayne County Treasurer to "Make it Right!" Residents are demanding the mayor and Wayne County Treasurer work toward "housing dignity and restoration for thousands of Detroit families whose homes should have never been taken," reads a statement from the Coalition to End Unconstitutional Tax Foreclosure. A news conference is scheduled for 11 a.m.

Michigan Central Station info center opening ℹ️

Ford is opening a new public Information Center in Corktown on the one year anniversary of the automaker's acquisition of Michigan Central Station. This new information center is designed to give residents in the area access to project information, construction updates, mobility pilot programs and technologies, and community initiatives throughout the development process.

Juneteenth Celebration Day is today 📜

Governor Gretchen Whitmer recently signed a proclamation making June 19 the Juneteenth Celebration Day. Juneteenth is a holiday celebrating the end of slavery for African-Americans in the United States. It is the oldest known celebration, dating back to 1865. Its origins stem from the Union letting Texas, a confederate state, know that the slaves were free.

Coming up:

  • VOTE 4 THE BEST IS NOW OPEN -- Vote here
  • June 21 -- River Days at Detroit RiverWalk 🎶
  • June 23 -- Rocket Mortgage Classic 5K in Downtown Detroit 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️
  • Jun 27–30 -- Rocket Mortgage Classic at Detroit Golf Club ⛳  

Explore the Detroit River, Lake St. Clair on a tiki boat 🍹

You can take a tiki boat tour from two different locations: Detroit and St. Clair Shores. Prices range from $250-$300, depending on the day.

Check it out!


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