Learning more about what caused deadly cement truck rollover crash in Romulus

39-year-old woman killed in crash

ROMULUS, Mich. – Local 4 is learning more about what caused a cement truck rollover crash that left a 39-year-old woman dead in Romulus.

Police said the cement truck overturned on top of the woman's car, completely crushing it at the intersection of Van Born and Merriman roads.

Cellphone video shows the immediate aftermath of the crash.

"It's absolutely insane," a witness said.

The crash sent cement pouring out of the truck and onto the car.

The cement truck driver explained what happened to Ron Dahns.

"She came across from the left lane and cut him off right in the front lane and then he slammed on his brakes, and you see the result from that right there," Dahns said.

The driver said he has a dash camera in the truck.

When first responders arrived, they could only see the front end of the woman's car. Police and rescue crews couldn't tell how many people were in the car.

"We do not believe there is anybody alive in that car, at all," Romulus police Capt. Josh Monte said.

"I was just hoping there's no kids involved," a witness said. "That's the big kicker right there. I hope no kids were involved."

Rigs were brought in to hoist up the cement truck so investigators could get a look inside the car.

"One deceased in the vehicle, a couple of empty child seats," Monte said. "Unfortunately, it's a very tragic accident.

Police will review the cement truck driver's dash camera video. They said they don't believe he is at fault.

The driver's wife said he has head and neck injuries and was taken to a hospital to be checked out. She said he's torn up about the fact that someone was killed in the crash.

Police have identified the victim, but are not yet releasing that information.

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