Viral video shows illegal stunt driving on the Lodge Freeway

Cell phone footage caught student driving on the lodge freeway.

DETROIT – The video is blowing up on social media. It shows several cars, spinning out of control and doing donuts on the John C. Lodge Freeway in Detroit, while others watched and recorded it. 

The video is now viral with millions of views. 

 “Oh my God,” said Sonya Hill. 

“Wow! I mean lots of cars too,” said Ernest Burt. 

“How you going to shut down the expressway doing donuts?” said Charles Miller. 

That’s what drivers want to know, ‘What were they thinking?’ “They have nothing to do. Nothing to do. And they find it as some form of fun,” said Ernest Burt. 

“There got to be some laws against that,” said Charles Miller. 

“They not thinking about life. I know that much,” said Tony White. 

“I don’t know. These kids be on some other kind of stuff. This new generation. They on some other kind of stuff, because we didn’t do that,” said Sonya Hill. 

The video quickly caught the attention of Detroit Police. They announced on Twitter, that they arrested a 25-year old male out of Canton, for reckless driving in Rouge Park. 

Chief Craig released this statement, “We are not going to tolerate this blatant disregard for public safety in our city. More to come.”