Southgate mother pleads for thieves to return 9-year-old's stolen bikes

Courtney Phillips puts sign up after bikes taken

SOUTHGATE, Mich. – A mother is trying to get her child's bikes back after someone stole them from outside her Southgate home Wednesday night.

Courtney Phillips said she and her dog were asleep near a window near where the two bikes were parked when someone took them.

"It's really crappy that you just can't have something sitting in your yard without someone coming and taking it," she said.

Phillips and her daughters made a sign warning the thief or thieves. It's gotten a lot of attention, but no one has returned the bikes or taken responsibility for the thefts.

Phillips said she just wants the bikes back and doesn't plan to press charges.

"Just return the bikes," she said. "No questions asked. Just come, put them back where you got them."

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