Video: Ohio murder victim's sons attack killer in court

Man attacked during sentencing hearing

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Violence broke out in an Ohio courtroom this week when the sons of a murdered woman attacked her killer during his sentencing hearing.

The hearing was being held for Dale Williams, 62, who pleaded guilty to murder in the 2017 shooting death of 46-year-old Elizabeth Pledger-Stewart, reported WFMJ.

The victim's daughter was about to make a statement in court ahead of Williams' sentencing when "her brother lunged at Williams and was followed by another brother who was tased by deputies as he leaped over a courtroom railing," WFMJ reports.

The video shows the emotional and chaotic scene from the courtroom. Watch it above.

Both men were arrested in court. WTAP reports they will serve 30-days in jail for contempt of court.

The sentencing had to be postponed.


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