Rhonda Walker recovering after surgery

She's due back to work at Local 4 on July 18, 2019 after undergoing surgery.

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A message from Rhonda Walker

Wow, as I sit here a day away from returning to the job I love after being off for two months, I’m filled with a variety of emotions that range from joy and excitement to a bit of fear and anxiety.

Fearless is part of the motto of my charity for teen girls, the Rhonda Walker Foundation- the F also stands for fearless, so I hesitate sharing that.

But the truth is, if you stop doing anything for that long, returning to it comes with a little self doubt. Especially when you get to return and do it on live TV in front of thousands of people that expect you to be exactly the same as you were two months ago. YIKES!

At the same time, I'm incredibly excited to return to the career I’ve had in the city I love for the past 20 years! And let’s talk about love, because I have received so much of it from all of you while I have been on medical leave.

Wow, I am so filled with gratitude. It is truly overwhelming to know that many people, many I’ve never personally met, care about me, I mean truly care about my well-being enough to call and email WDIV literally daily, send me letters, cards, flowers ... READ MORE HERE.