Macomb County pool pooper identified, banned for summer


The case of the mystery pool pooper in Macomb County has been solved.

The Buckingham Recreational Facilities Association, which oversees operations of the subdivision pool located near 23 Mile Road east of Romeo Plank Road in Macomb County, said it was working to identify the mystery pooper last week, with video evidence.

On Thursday, the Board President offered this update:

"Quick update on the recent pool closures…

In reviewing the recorded video, we have identified the member responsible.  This member will not be allowed to return to the pool for the remainder of the season.  In addition, we are looking at the various options for restitution."

So, it's just for the rest of the summer? This person will be allowed to return next year? Seems risky. 

All around, it's been a pretty crappy situation. The name of this person was not released.

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