77K DTE customers without power after storms

Many customers won't have power restored until Monday

DETROIT – Heavy downpours, thunderstorms and 70 mph winds from Friday night's storms that moved through southeast Michigan left thousands of DTE customers without power.

UPDATEDTE Energy: 360,000 customers without power after severe storms

As of Saturday afternoon, DTE reported 77,000 customers are still without power. Many of those customers will be left without power until Monday. 

The number of power outages has increased since the storms started. DTE reported 74,000 customers were without power Saturday morning. On Friday night 72,000 power outages were reported by DTE. 

There are many downed trees and power lines. DTE is anticipating record high energy usage Saturday. 

In addition to the power outages it will feel like 110 degrees Saturday. 

Firefighters are urging people to stay safe. Crews will be working around the clock to get the power restored. In the meantime, here are a few things you can do to stay safe and cool.

  • Drink a lot of water.
  • If you've lost power and don't have air conditioning, look for cooling shelters in your area.
  • Keep the blinds closed, and look for shady areas where you can relax.
  • You can also monitor outages in your area using the DTE outage app. 

Keep an eye out for severe weather alerts and the radar here

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