Car draped in Confederate flag at Monroe County Fair parade draws criticism

Business owner sponsored car

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MONROE, Mich. – A car draped in a Confederate flag Sunday at the Monroe County Fair parade drew criticism.

"It was kind of appalling because you had people kind of standing up cheering and clapping. We're like, wow, do they understand how that's offensive?" Krystal Mendez said.

Chris Wampler said he sponsored the car to draw attention to his business.

"Who said I'm supporting the Confederate flag? I just put my company name on the Confederate car. It doesn't mean I support it," he said.

Wampler said he wanted to sponsor a car, which will be going to a demolition derby, and "if it upset people, then they're holding on to something."

The Monroe County NAACP president said he doesn't understand how the parade committee approved the car.

"We can't understand how somebody would let something like this, a monument of hatred, be placed in such a great event," William Parker said.