Michigan woman flips car trying to avoid squirrel

The woman refused to be taken to Munson Medical Center, authorities said, but she was evaluated by members of the Traverse City Fire Department who determined she only had minor scrapes and bruises. (Traverse City Police Department)

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. – A squirrel is being blamed for causing a crash in Michigan.

The suspiciously scheming squirrel was roaming around a street in Traverse City on Sunday evening, when an 82-year-old woman came driving down the road.

WPBN reports the woman hit a parked car and then flipped her own vehicle after swerving to avoid the duplicitous squirrel.

A nearby witness was able to help the woman get out of her car. She came out of the incident with just some bumps and bruises.

The driver was given a citation for driving without due care and caution, WPBN reports.

Squirrels are known for causing trouble in Michigan. In 2017, these squirrels foiled an Easter egg hunt in Oak Park. And last year, squirrels piled 50 pounds of pine cones into a man's engine.