Eastern Market looks to reduce single-use plastic bags


DETROIT – Detroit's historic Eastern Market is looking to cut down on single-use plastic bags during public markets.

Eastern Market launching a pilot reusable bag program in the market by distributing sample reusable bags, in a variety of styles, materials and function, to market customers who agree to be part of a survey and provide feedback.

The bags will be distributed at several locations in the market on Sat., August 17, Sun., August 18 and Tues., August 20. 

The specific single-use bag reduction initiative began with the vendor operations workgroup to get their input and support and is now turning to our customers to garner their input and cooperation. The goal is to reduce current waste by 50 percent by 2021. 

“The objective of this initiative is to continue diverting market waste from landfills, particularly by reducing market use of nearly 2 million plastic bags per year,” said EMP president Dan Carmody. “Over the past three years we have diverted 25 percent of our waste steam by recycling cardboard. Given the global hesitance to take and process additional plastic waste, it is our urgent responsibility to work with the market community towards the eventual elimination of single-use disposable bags.” 

In addition to the test program, there will be signage throughout the market encouraging all customers to participate by bringing their own reusable bags and offer their suggestions to Eastern Market through its social media channels. 

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